VERY IMPRESSIVE, This is what makes Beekeeping exciting and fresh. A new generation of Beekeepers with a great look in there back yards instead of those old drab looking hives that no one wants to get around. This helps create an interest with people from all walks of life.
– Michael Lowe, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Really......you should be known as the "innovator beekeeper".
– Angie Mildon Neilson, Mountain View, California 

Nothing compares. The most beautiful bee hives money can buy.
– Beelady Hoffman, Westland, Michigan

You have such artistic talent.. great job
– Mary Hogan Duncombe, Minneapolis, Minnesota

It's one of my ambitions to get one of your boxes here in the U.K. I'd have never considered it till I saw your designs. Any innovator has haters, people are afraid of change but you're doing a fantastic job and I love following you. 
– Gillian Williams, Marham England, United Kingdom

I have loved watching your company start out so small and get to where it is now. You have overcome a lot of obstacles that many would have just given up on. Great to know you!
– Josh Mills, Sandy, Utah

Once we get our pollinator garden established, I will be getting a small hive 🙂
– Delphia Strickland 

Bravo Albert! !
– Marco Scocchia, Castelli, Abruzzi, Italy

Any contact I have ever had with you has been wonderful. Your passion comes across in everything you do, and your willingness to provide above and beyond support to both fledgling and veteran bee keepers is unmatched. Thank you!
– Emily Crawford, Dale, New York

You should be so proud of yourself.  Focus on all the good you have accomplished ... how far you have come.
– Eva Duncan, Foyil, Oklahoma

Just continue to Apply the Law of Attraction and the Power of Now and the universe will align and help you grow exponentially and help many people seeking the same.
– Gary W. Breisch, Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Love your work + bees. I realize how special they are, I will share for sure.
– Kendra Chase, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts 

Great work, you've actually brought the beekeeping industry up a level.
– Jeffery Seager, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

Albert to me your work is a piece of art in addition to practical. You give advice for free & I have learnt so much from reading your posts. Best of all your love for the bees shines through. Seeing your pictures of hive rescues is truly amazing. I am still waiting for my price for the mini hives I ordered to Uk. I have been learning for 5 years & am now ready for my first hive. I decided 2 years ago after adding you that my bees deserve the homes you make & nothing else will ever be good enough now.
– Naomi Aksu, Chepstow Wales, United Kingdom

Brave soul, to have made a bee line into SUCH a comically idiosyncratic, opinionated consumer demographic 🙂 Chapeau! Veils UP! Salut!
– N'ann Harp, Washington, District of Columbia 

appreciation and respect
– Thom McCarthy, Eskdalemuir City Scotland, United Kingdom

por tu incansable, contribución a la apicultura de E.E.U.U.
– Humberto Martinez Felicitaciones Albert, Santiago, Chile

I would love this for my mum she would lose her brain if this turned up at the door
– Hollie Rosina Alway-Smith,  Bristol, United Kingdom