P. F. Thurber Award for Inventiveness

A great honor to be recognized by the Western Apicultural Society of North America (WAS) for their P.F. Thurber award for developing the Eco Bee Box & Mini Urban Beehive Publication for "INVENTIVENESS". This award was given in September 2017 at UC Davis, California.

The Western Apicultural Society is a regional club with a focus area consisting of the North West Territories, to the Mexico border, from the eastern border of Colorado to the Hawaiian islands. WAS for short was first began 40 years ago, as this conference was its anniversary. Each year a conference site is picked, this year was back to where the first conference was held at UC Davis. Go to the WAS website.  

Each year a new location is chosen.  Each state and province in this geographical region has a representative. If your State or Province does not have a representative on the WAS board, suggest one.  Each bee organization should have a representative at WAS. The focus of WAS is backyard beekeeping. Joining WAS is inexpensive and a benefit to all backyard beekeepers using whatever method they choose. At the UC Davis Entomology Apiary, there were numerous types of beehives being tested and used - just as backyard beekeepers are currently using. Where else can a beekeeper go for an experience like this? Top-bar hive, plastic hive, Styrofoam hive, European rotating brood hive, Warre hive, Longbox, Mini Hive, Horizontal hive, Flow Hive, Double brood nest hive, and others.

Best of State Awards: Most Innovative Company of the Year - Eco Bee Box

The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. By recognizing excellence in our community and sharing examples of success and triumph in so many worthy endeavors, we hope all will be inspired to reach a little higher, to try a little harder, and to work a little smarter for our dreams and goals.

Best of State candidates make Utah a better place.  The judging process is one of the most important dimensions of Best of State. Our goal in designing the Best of State judging process was to make it as fair and objective as possible. 

Gail Miller announced the winner and handed out the award.  Eco Bee Box receives a year of business mentoring from the Salt Lake Community College, Miller Business Resource Center Albert Chubak at the podium at Best of State gala for Most Innovative Business of the Year in Utah.  Albert Chubak receiving the Most Innovative Business in Utah 2014 for Eco Bee Box, Dana Layton and Gail Miller presented the award / achievement  CEO & Inventor Albert Chubak ECO BEE BOX  Most Innovative Business of the Year Eco Bee Box was Honored at the  Awards Gala at Salt Lake City Salt Palace.  Albert Chubak with Dana Layton  at Best of State - Most  Innovative Business of the Year