Such an artist, Albert!
– Lorea Hyslop Anderson, Airdrie, Alberta

 For those of you who do not know Albert Chubak, there are no hives better. None.
– Jeremiah Bagby, North Ogden, Utah 

Those Boxes are gorgeous!
– Randy Simper, Tarzana, California

would be so beautiful in my bee yard...... or my living room
– Elizabeth Navetski, Trumbull, Connecticut

It would be an amazing center piece and great conversational piece for anyone's apiary.
– Darin Wedin, Frederic, Wisconsin

My little hive is kicking butt this year. Yààaàaaaaaa
– Kathy Calhoun, Newcastle, Wyoming

I want you to reserve a few frames of comb honey as a special order for several customers in Lompoc. Thanks!
– Archie Mitchell, California 

Albert your craftsmanship and design continues to amaze me. Way to go!
– Steve Reich, Syracuse, Utah

 Amazing Albert . . . good job, very innovative!
– F. Barry Brown, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

 Good works mr. Chubak
– Mehmet Yıldız, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I love your hives so much
– Genevieve Boadicea, Melbourne, Australia

We spent the afternoon learning all about honeybees at the Eco Bee Box. Albert was great with the kids. The kids got to touch the honey comb (with bees all around), taste the honey, pet the bees, hold an active slat, and at the end were gifted their own miniature honey bears filled with local honey. If you are in the area, I'd highly recommend stopping by for an educational and interactive experience!
– Katie Cooke, Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking forward to using mine this winter!
– Conor Cleary, Spencerville, Ontario

Ms Arissa began with a Mini Urban Beehive and made her own honey that she competed with at the Utah State Fair. Way cool. She reared her own queen and started it from just eggs larva and nurse bees. Congrats Arissa!
– Marlene Jacobsen Schnabel, Taylorsville, Utah

Oh Wow Albert. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you sent along with replacing my honey order. What a great business man and a wonderful person you are. Everyone ~~~~ look------> a carving the size of an 8 inch dinner plate of A Queen Bee! Amazingly beautiful!
– Karla Wms‎ 

Gotta be one of the best Christmas presents ever!! Thanks to my beekeeping mom and amazing wife Mindy Linder Thorne for the Eco Bee Box by Albert Chubak. Can't wait to get some bees going in 2016!!!!
– Dennis Thorne, Morgantown, West Virginia

 We (Ken and I) are both so excited and honored to be the winner of this beautiful hand carved mini hive. I just can't even begin to express how grateful I am to Albert Chubak for his work both in educating us about natural beekeeping and for his beautiful craftsmanship and generosity. **dancing around in circles** We won! We won!
– Kathy Bartlett Parham, Memphis, Tennessee

Fascinating world of honey bees. This mini hive would be perfect for my micro climate and farm.
– Laurie Parkin, Canada