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Albert Chuback delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes is to educate the next generation of citizens on the importance of bees and inspire them to take part in bees preservation.  He is the perfect balance between builder, ecologist and beekeeper.  He shows how bees and humans interact and how we as humans can best help bees. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining stories, gorgeous visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to challenge them selfs in fresh, innovative ideas that help create change.

He migrated to Utah from the Canadian Prairies, where his heritage was in dry farming. He has 30 years experience in construction, was a Utah General Contractor. He attended University of Saskatchewan, University of Three Rivers in Quebec, University of Utah and is an Alumni with the Golden Key International Honor Society.  He is also a published author and researcher.

While keeping more than 250 of his own hives, he started a bee removal business that lead him to some incredible experiences retrieving bee colonies from inside walls of homes and ceilings. Some colonies had more than 100,000 bees. He has participated in hundreds of live bee removals in Utah and hundreds of thousands of people have seen his colony removals on local and national news programs and on YouTube. He was a Bee Wrangler for Spike TV. 

He experienced what bees like in a natural habitat and what helps their colonies to thrive. With this knowledge he started developing revolutionary beekeeping techniques and products, and began educating others on better ways to keep bees.  He continues to be an active beekeeping mentor to hundreds of beekeepers annually.  He served as the Program Director for both the Wasatch Beekeeping Association  and the Greater Salt Lake Beekeeping Association. He also served as the Western Apicultural Society Director for Utah for 2 years, and has served as a delegate for Utah at the American Beekeeping Federation.

Always focused on development and education, he has an Eco Bee Box Hive at Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches classes annually at the Utah Museum of Natural History.  Worked with First Lady Michelle Obama in hopes of placing an educational hive at the White House.  He now has his unique design of Eco Bee Boxes in every state in the US and many countries around the world.  Eco Bee Box was awarded the Most Innovative Company in Utah for Best of State 2014. Was also nominated in 2015 Utah as Inventor of the Year in Utah.  His designs are ornate and practical.  He has distributed bees throughout the USA.  Videos of his equipment are in National Geographic.  He teaches natural beekeeping, but with high animal husbandry ethics.  The beekeeping world is now possible for young children, and seniors with his equipment, as the youngest to naturally raise her own queen that grew into a colony was 5, with the oldest 89. 


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Gary and Jodi Maricich…a husband and wife interior design and urban farming team, Hive & Hum is an evolution of their desire to bring eco-friendly and sustainable, artisan-based Home Goods and Gifts, AS WELL as everything for the Modern Bee, to the world in a friendly and inspiring way.




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