Mini Urban Beehives

Mating Nuc & Educational Hive

Eco Bee Box™ Mini Urban Beehive is made of cedar and does not require paint. Boxes are assembled using aluminum corner brackets, and can be held together by locking clips when you stack them. Comes with a variety of carvings and is also available with brass corners in our collectors edition. Great for learning with no grafting, all natural comb, suspendable and ideal for walk-away splits.  The Mini Urban Beehive was initially developed for naturally raising local queens, then evolved into a wonderful educational tool, ideal source of urban gardening pollination, and natural comb honey production.

Naturally raised local queens, maintains less aggressive colonies, simple steps breaks mite cycles, and it produces comb honey.  Learning about the inner workings of a hive is vital for a beekeeping, and even more valuable is learning to raise a queen bees.   A beehive is first and foremost an incubator for raising bees, and will contain honey as a vital part of that process. The Mini Urban Beehive will hold about 10,000 bees in a 4 box kit, compared to 80,000 in a full sized hive.  Click for more information.

Mini - Box Cedar
Aluminum Beehive

Mini - 4 Box Cedar
Aluminum Beehive

Mini 1-Box
Cedar Carved Bee (expansion)
Flower, Bee, Observation window & Maple Leaf, Butterfly

Accessories for Mini Hives

Mini - English Garden Top

Mini - Insulated Galvanized Telescoping Top

Mini  - McGinty Board - Hive Separation Board

Mini - Candy Board Candy not included

Mini - Frames Bulk
Option 1- old size single tabbed 5-5/8  •  Option 2 - new size double tabbed 6-1/4

 Mini - Landing and Bottom Board