Horizontal Bee Sanctuary

Langstroth Short Box - Bee Sanctuary

A beautifully crafted Langstroth / Horizontal Beehive with universal Langstroth frame options.   Since 2013 the Bee Sanctuary has evolved from a triple medium horizontal Langstroth hive to being equipped with covered expansion for 2 medium honey supers.  This beehive can be used like a Top-bar hive, Langstroth hive, a Horizontal hive, Longbox hive, a comb production hive, or a mating hive.

100% made of Western Red Cedar.  Includes a reversible bottom board.   Holds 54 mini frames, or 22 medium frames, or with use of an extension can hold deep frames.  Will hold two standard medium boxes on top the hive but under the top cover.  Has a follower board.  The top cover is made of aluminum which dissipates heat during the summer months.  Each Sanctuary includes 6 incredible carvings.  The hive is held together with Eco Bee Box corner brackets, stainless steel locking clips, and multiple stainless steel entrance reducers.  Also adorned with copper plated screws and a copper chain.  


  • A Langstroth double medium box
  • A full reversible 3/4 inch base
  • Supported on a single pole
  • Enclosed expansion for medium honey supes
  • Adaptor for deep frames
  • Ships in 2 boxes fully bubble wrapped and insured
  • Height adjustable to beekeeper's needs
  • Can rotate if needed
  • Follower-board / separation-board
  • Top and lower entrances
  • Durable metal rabbets
  • Secured with stainless steel locking clips
  • 100% Langstroth compatible
  • Entrance feeder, and inner feeder compatible
  • Fully disassembles
  • Non-warping corners
  • Equipped to hold as many as 104 mini frames
  • 6 full relief carvings 
  • Made of Gold Western Red Cedar
  • Main box can be a double deep or double medium
  • One piece top aluminum hinged cover
  • Can hold up to 4 nucs
  • Decorative copper accents

No frames included, stand not included, box requires minimal assembly,
comes with Box, cover, 4 inner ½ lids, a medium separation board, a ½ box deep extension.

Accessories for Horizontal Hives

Deep Extension
Medium 1/2 Box Nuc
 Medium Follower Board
Eco Bee Box™ 
Horizontal Stand

1/2 Standard outer cover
Lid Flush Mount with Entrance