Eco Bee Box™  has a selection of high-quality beekeeping Accessories, Hardware, Tools, and Supplies for both the seasoned beekeeper and the backyard beekeeper.  Click image to be taken to the store.  For a combined shipping quote, send an email to  with a list of the items wanted.

Becks Bee Wax
4 0z Can

4 Deep Brackets
9 5/8" Aluminium

Follower Board Divider
For Medium Hives

Swarm Commander
Liquid Swarm Lure

Entrance Reducer
Stainless Steel

4 Medium Brackets
6 5/8" Aluminium

Hive Blankets
Adjustable to Fit all Hives

Scratch Rake
Stainless Steel

10 Locking Clips
Stainless Steel

4 Repair Caps
for Traditional Deeps

10 Frame Cedar Hive Stand (Unassembled)

Yellow Honey
Bucket Spout

Stainless Steel

Food Grade Foundation
(thin surplus/natural wax)

Mini Frames Bulk

Hive Feeder
For Entrance