Carved Wood & Stone

Want to create a “one-of-a-kind”  carved wood plank or carved stone block?   We do single orders or bulk orders, depending on what you request and the material requested.  Ideal for gifts, awards, Yard Decoration, desk, wall, or mantle. Carving depth / relief is 1". Ideal for stores, farms, breeders, as well as artists, and bee friendly enthusiasts or classroom teaching.   We have many designs to choose from and can do custom art.  These are just a few of the carvings listed below:  

• Bee                             
• Wagon
• Texas star                   
• Angel  
• Bear   

• Cross  
• Hook Globe & Anchor

• Magnolia      
• Eagle
• Sunflower       
• Totem
Maple leaf  
• Marine Core Logo

• Butterfly            
• Bat
• Dead tree                    
• Chief
• Squirrel


Stone Carving
 (Canadian Inuit soapstone)

42" Handcrafted Carved Wood Bee Sign 

Stump Carvings 8" - 12"