Now Taking Orders for 3lb Packages 

Payment is due when ordered with no refunds for cancellations or abandonment of package bees.  

Mini Frames of Bees

Mini Frames of bees and brood are usually available by end of April and continuing until September 1st.  If the bees require shipping, this expense is not covered and is expected to be paid for by the adoptive beekeeper.  These frames of brood/bees will come with an adoption contract that details the care needed what is expected of the new beekeeper.  If the agreement is followed recovery from failure or bee loss can be overcome repeatedly during the season, until September 1st.  This allows continued learning by the new beekeeper.

Mated Queen Bees
Queens are available with notice.  Italians, Carniolans, and locally mated Mutts.  

A Queen Honeybee:
Italian or Carniolan

3lb Packages


Single Frame 
Eggs • Larva • Nurse Bees

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Bees packages are pick-up only. For the health of the bees and restrictive postal regulations, we do not ship packages. Our bee pickup dates will be beginning of April. Spring and summer is a crazy and fun time for us.  We will do our best to help you be successful but as with any other livestock, we cannot guarantee the health of the package bees once they have left our facility!  Please note that queens may vary in color.

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We now offer an online course in Beginning Beekeeping:

Getting Started with Urban Beekeeping with Albert Chubak