Langstroth Hives

Langstroth Hives

Eco Bee Box™ comb boxes were developed to replace the traditional extracted spun frames and equipment.  Each mini frame of capped honey can be harvested individually and stored in a freezer until needed,  which prevents crystallization. Harvesting honey has never been easier - cut comb from the frame, drop into a baggy, squish thoroughly, hang or suspend over a collection container, pop holes in the bottom of the baggy with a clean toothpick, let drain.  

Traditional style Langstroth hives are available with carved images to adorn them.  The system Eco Bee Box encourages in a Langstroth system is

  • A double deep hive with double comb box.  A part traditional with a part modern with no extraction equipment needed.  
  • A triple medium Comb Box.  This hive allows for numerous splits from the brood chamber to form new colonies with locally mated queens.  As the bees produce honey the beekeeper can harvest, allowing room for the bees to grow continually.  In September the hive is left as the colony prepares for winter.  

Medium Comb Pine Box
Fully Assembled

Cedar Medium Comb Box
Aluminum Corners
Fully Assembled