Modern Vintage Hives

Modern Vintage Bee Hives

Vintage Hives are made with aged copper, and recycled wood that may have been used for a barn, or fence, or its original purpose has been lost.  These hives are functional, or can be used for their beauty in your home or yard.  A simple modification can change this incredible hive into a bird or bat house. 

Historically, bees have lived in dead trees and similar cavities.  No modern treated lumber, paints, or preservatives.  Our copper goes through a series of natural processes with salt, baking soda and ammonia, then washed.  End result is what you see.  Every hive will be unique, but designed with an artistic attention to detail. 

We are always drawn to beauty, but with a purpose.  Enjoy our Modern Vintage Bee hives.

Modern Vintage Mini Hive I 
Single box with top and bottom and aged copper
Modern Vintage
Mini vintage expansion boxes