For those of you who do not know Albert Chubak, there are no hives better. None.
– Jeremiah Bagby, North Ogden, Utah 

Those Boxes are gorgeous!
– Randy Simper, Tarzana, California

About four years ago I Google searched bee companies in Utah. I was intrigued with Eco Bee Box, and went to their store. That’s where my beekeeping journey began. I have always been slightly fearful of anything with a stinger, but I wanted to learn about being a beekeeper. Most important, I wanted to collect honey while pollinating my garden, not to mention all the neighbors.

Al, the owner of Eco Bee Box, guided me through the start-up phase, and it’s been a fun adventure ever since. I’ve attended other beekeeping educational courses and forums, but the knowledge I’ve learned from Al and his company have exceeded those. I currently have four thriving boxes in my yard, and I have this company on my speed dial whenever I have a question. Eco Bee Box is always there to answer my questions. Excellent company to work with, and I plan on being a long-term customer.
– Rob Thorp 

Such an artist, Albert!
– Lorea Hyslop Anderson, Airdrie, Alberta 

I found Eco Bee Box when I was looking for an eco-friendly solution for backyard beekeeping. Owning and managing a hive and helping to preserve the bee population was something I wanted to try. When I found Eco Bee Box, I was captivated by the attractive, small-sized boxes. When I contacted the company, I was impressed with how genuinely interested they were to help me get started and meet my goals. Eco Bee Box not only helped me get started, but also offered help along the way to make me be successful and more knowledgeable about bees. I can’t thank Albert Chubak and Eco Bee Box enough. I’m hooked on backyard beekeeping and recommend Eco Bee Box to everyone.
– Rachel Burnett 

Albert your craftsmanship and design continues to amaze me. Way to go!
– Steve Reich, Syracuse, Utah

My little hive is kicking butt this year. Yààaàaaaaaa
– Kathy Calhoun, Newcastle, Wyoming

I love your hives so much
– Genevieve Boadicea, Melbourne, Australia

We spent the afternoon learning all about honeybees at the Eco Bee Box. Albert was great with the kids. The kids got to touch the honey comb (with bees all around), taste the honey, pet the bees, hold an active slat, and at the end were gifted their own miniature honey bears filled with local honey. If you are in the area, I'd highly recommend stopping by for an educational and interactive experience!
– Katie Cooke, Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking forward to using mine this winter!
– Conor Cleary, Spencerville, Ontario

Eco Bee Box provides incredible products and service for all levels of beekeeping. I had never kept bees before and Albert provided information and training for me to get started. Albert is extremely knowledgeable on all things bee related and provides step by step instructions for you to be successful with your bees! Any questions you may have are answered promptly and adequately to help take care of your bees. The hives are beautifully designed and make a great addition to your yard. I love having a mini urban beehive in my backyard and Eco Bee Box makes that possible. I highly recommend Eco Bee Box to anyone interested in or involved with beekeeping!
– Sarah Duke‎

Oh Wow Albert. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you sent along with replacing my honey order. What a great business man and a wonderful person you are. Everyone ~~~~ look------> a carving the size of an 8 inch dinner plate of A Queen Bee! Amazingly beautiful!
– Karla Wms‎ 

Gotta be one of the best Christmas presents ever!! Thanks to my beekeeping mom and amazing wife Mindy Linder Thorne for the Eco Bee Box by Albert Chubak. Can't wait to get some bees going in 2016!!!!
– Dennis Thorne, Morgantown, West Virginia

I had been toying around with becoming a beekeeper for years but I was always intimidated by the thought of opening a hive with 30,000 bees. I ran across Albert with his MUB (Mini Urban Beehive) and was intrigued with the idea of having a smaller beehive with less bees. My wife was even accepting of having a smaller hive in our backyard. Being able to have the MUB has been a great learning experience for me. I have been able to see up close what is going on in a beehive even without wearing protective equipment. I have been able to learn how to raise my own queen bee as well as find the queen in a short time. I have even been able to learn how to become a better beekeeper because of the ease of working with fewer bees at a time without getting overwhelmed by a large number of bees buzzing around me. I have also been able to involve my children in this hobby and be able to educate them on how important bees are to our life and how they are not aggressive as long as you treat them well. The designs of Albert’s beehives are functional as well as add beauty to my garden.
– Jim Harrison