These are lovely Albert who wouldn't want to have one.
– Janice Seccombe

What a great looking hive
– Johnny Sanchez, Garland, Texas

Mr. Albert Chubak has been an ongoing source of support and education in our family’s beekeeping endeavors for the past several years. In addition to helpful presentations at the local Wasatch Bee Association meetings, Al has taken the time to answer difficult questions on advanced beekeeping techniques with regard to difficult swarm capture, bee cutouts, and producing queens, among other things. I think Al’s greatest genius lies in the many innovations he has brought to beekeeping from his love of the art combined with an engineer’s attention to efficient function. Al has solved many difficulties such as reinforcing hive box corners, redesigning feeders, a re-vamped top bar hive which maintains the favorite functions of the Langstroth, and my favorite – his miniature bee hive made for maintaining a small hive and duplicating endless supplies of a good queen. Each time I see something he’s improved, I think, “Now why didn’t somebody come up with that 50 years ago?!” He’s happy to take time to share his obvious delight in the animals and his latest projects with a humble, approachable attitude. When our family was presenting about bees at a local elementary school, Al was happy to run out and scoop some bees into one of his see-through mini hives for us to share with the kids. We had a wonderful time, and got to spread the good word about bees to the upcoming generation.
– Carole Manning 

William Warfield These hives are even more impressive in person. Quality workmanship. Albert Chubak, is a special person to the bee world.
– William Warfield, Salt Lake City, Utah

Even though it's winter here I still think and read about bees. Today I came across Mr. Albert Chubak and his beautiful hives. I love and respect true craftsmen (or women). These hives show true honor to a quality product and a love for the creatures that will call it home. Thank you Mr. Alber Chubak for your dedicated efforts your hives are truly beautiful.
– Laurie Calandri, Michigan State University

Absolutely love these gorgeous hive boxes.
– JoAnne Phillips

I just love this man’s work (art) and these hives are stunning.
– Naomi Aksu, Chepstow City Wales, United Kingdom

That is so beautiful... what bees wouldn't want to live there?
– Kelly-jo Riker, Montrose, Pennsylvania

Beautiful beehive....or bee mansion
– Chris Howren, Thomasville, Georgia