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 All Natural, Pure, Raw and Local Honey

Wasatch Honey is simply that, all natural raw local Utah honey. Our honey comes just how the bees have made it. Sometimes the honey comes in different colors, thickness, scents and even different tastes. Our Wasatch honey truly is made up of all the different types of wild flowers from the Wasatch mountain range.

The beautiful thing is the bees are not only collecting the best pollen from the local wildflowers but they are also pulling crystal clear water from mountain streams and lakes to cool their hives.

Our Wasatch Honey is made from only the purest of flowers and treasures that have been in the mountains for thousands of years. This is our secret recipe!

Wasatch Honey - Comb Honey

Queenline Jars
1lb and 2lb White Lid Included

Wasatch Honey
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