How to Modify a Deep Langstroth box into an Eco Bee Box Medium Comb Box – 2019

Many have asked for an explanation on how to take an existing assembled Langstroth Deep Box and make it into an Eco Bee Box Langstroth Medium Comb Box. Here are the steps to follow:
First clean off the top edge of the hive by passing it through the saw at 9 9/16″. 
The Frame Rest side of the box is now clean and new.
Then turn the box around and cut the medium box at 6 5/8″  The cut-off is cut down to 2 1/2″. These cuts clean up all edges of the pieces. 
From the fence to the edge of the blade it is 6 5/8″.  Cut all 4 sides passing the box completely past the blade each time before adjusting the box for the next pass.
Once all 4 passes have been made 2 boxes will remain with all new clean edges.  The smaller box can be used for a top feeder.
Then take the new medium box to the rabbet saw.  Alternatively this could be done with a router set at 5/8″ deep and 3/8″ into the board or 1/2 way.

Table Saw with Rabbet blades.


The height of the blades is set to the depth of the frame rest, 5/8″


The distance from the fence to the blade is 3/8″.

The rabbet blade was set so the space between the saw and the fence was 5/8″.  The height of the blade was set at 3/8″ 

Then mark the center height of the blade on the fence.  In this case, we marked a drop point of 2 1/4″ from the center height passed the blade.  Then we marked a lift point on the fence in front of the blade of 2 1/4″  These two marks spared the blade from going into the last 3/4″ of the box. 

The drop point is the full line to the rear (left) of the blade, this is where the cut starts.  The full line to the front (right) of the blade, this is where the box is lifted off.  
This now allows the Eco Bee Box center support frame and the mini frames.  



The box is now ready for the center support and frames.


The arched end can be chiseled away for left as it is.


The opposing end can also be chiseled or left as is.
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