Use Eco Bee Box for Swarms and Transportation – 2012

How easy is the Eco Bee Box to transport?

These boxes were designed by a beekeeper for beekeepers by a general contractor who wanted boxes fast, strong and required little to no upkeep.  One of the features/equipment added to the bee box was a locking clip.  The locking clip can be used to hold the bottom board to the lower brood box, can hold brood boxes together (propolis will hold but does break), and can hold honey supers to the inner cover or a flush mount top cover.
When capturing swarms this locking clip serves a wonderful purpose of holding the entire box securely held together.
Eco Bee Box with copper Hive Armor with locking clips holding the entire hive together!  Swarm 58 for 2012 season!!
Eco Bee Box with aluminum and copper Hive Armor with copper locking clip.
Eco Bee Box with copper Hive Armor with a stainless steel locking clip.  Box being held in tree for swarm # 1 for 2012 season.
Box all locked up and ready to move!
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Eco Bee Box Canada produces modern pine and cedar beekeeping beehive equipment in both Canada (CA) and United States (US). This signature equipment is made with patented hardware for our unique box designs. This attractive hardware prevents box breakdown and assists the beekeeper. Our modern hives include: the Mini Urban Beehive (MUB); Langstroth Horizontal Hive (SANC); Comb Box Hive (COMB); Observation Hive (LUM); Vintage Hive (VINT); and others. 

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