Using a Deep Langstroth to Start a Mini Urban Beehive

Many have asked how to start a MUB or Mini Urban Beehive if they don’t have any mini frames with eggs. While starting a mini with mini frames with eggs, young larvae, and nurse bees is one of our favorite methods, it is not the only way to do so. If you have a strong active Langstroth deep colony of bees, or a willing friend with such a colony, you can: Take an empty frame and place seed wax or starter wax as shown in the first images below. Place the empty frame in between two frames where brood (babies) […]

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Fall Beehive Inspection in Utah – 2016

It is all about saving honey bees Each fall I post on social media, in my local area that if beekeepers have colonies that they do not believe will survive the winter, I will take the bees and they can keep the equipment and frames. This allows them to harvest honey and not worry about trying to the bees alive all winter.  A few days ago, a lady answered the call and I visited her family Sunday.  My incentive is to acquire small colonies that I can care for and heal, and take through the winter months.  I have successfully […]

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Stories about beekeeping.

Taming of the Beekeeper – Beginning Beekeeping

As the news and sporting conflicts of today compete with each other, it confuses the mind as it seems one is saying “night is day” and the other “day is night” so we accept one or the other, yet both can be equally false. The mind goes back to William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shew” and the mind-altering dialogue between Petruchio and Katherine. Petruchio convinces Katherine that an old man who is wrinkled and age faded and withered was actually a young maiden! “Why, dear me, Kate! I hope you haven’t lost your mind. This is not a maiden, as […]

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The Potential Within a Comb Box Hive – Chubak Method of Beekeeping – 2016

Why do we use deep hives?  The more that is seen through inspections and the more that is studied, the more we are convinced the double deep is too big – both the box and the frame. Double Deep Langstroth Hive by Eco Bee Box These are the standards we are taught: double deep is the standard (9 5/8″) with honey supers above that as deeps or mediums (6 5/8″) plastic foundation is coated with wax (sometimes the wax used is petroleum based) worker cell foundation is used for all frames (avoid drone cells) brood on the bottom of hive […]

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We Have Moved!

In the last few months, we have been in the process of moving our headquarters from Utah to Saskatchewan. It is never a small thing to move a business. Please note that orders will be delayed and shipped 1st week of May. We apologize for the inconvenience.

To improve manufacturing and shipping we are making a few changes to our products.

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Thoughts on Summer and Fall Robbing – 2016

  Each year we get hundreds of calls, walk-ins, and messages regarding robbing behaviors.  We were asked to share some of our thoughts, here they are. Robbing is a behavior that is NATURAL to the honey bee, and it is also practiced by other flying insects such as wasps and hornets.  We are going to focus our attention here primarily to honey bee robbing, but it applies to all looters. The stores within a hive are in high demand in the insect world, so if a defense has lapsed or a back-door is unprotected, theft can and does happen.  Humorously […]

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Questions a New Beekeeper Should Ask – 2016

These are questions we feel every new beekeeper should ask. We are asked some of these questions daily. Some of the answers we give to these are not what you would think or expect. Are all honey bees the same? Are there different types of beehives for raising bees and making honey? What is the most important lesson for a new/old beekeeper to know? How does a person start beekeeping? What does a person need if you don’t want honey, but need pollination? Can I have a colony of bees for just my garden or orchard? Is it easy to […]

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Warré Beehive and the Mini Urban Beehive, a Customer’s Opinion – 2017

A few years ago a man called asking for cedar planks so he could make a Warré beehive.  He came over picked what he needed and was on his way.  Later, he returned to show off his masterpiece in photos.  We discussed the benefits he saw, as well those we saw, in the Warré system.  This beehive was developed over a hundred years ago in France by Abbé Émile Warré.  His belief was the hive needed to be closer in size to the hollow of a tree, needed to be inspected once a year during harvest, was to be a vertical […]

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How to Modify a Deep Langstroth box into an Eco Bee Box Medium Comb Box – 2019

Many have asked for an explanation on how to take an existing assembled Langstroth Deep Box and make it into an Eco Bee Box Langstroth Medium Comb Box. Here are the steps to follow: First clean off the top edge of the hive by passing it through the saw at 9 9/16″.  The Frame Rest side of the box is now clean and new. Then turn the box around and cut the medium box at 6 5/8″  The cut-off is cut down to 2 1/2″. These cuts clean up all edges of the pieces.  From the fence to the edge […]

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